Dividend Policy

Highland Gold Mining aims to pay a dividend that takes into account the Company's cash generation, profitability, balance sheet strength, and capital investment requirements.

The Company anticipates total dividend payout for each financial year will be 20% of Net Cash Flow from Operating Activities.

The Board may recommend the distribution of additional cash on the balance sheet through increased or special dividends should those funds not be required for capital expenditure or debt repayment.


Dividend Payments

Currency Election

Highland Gold announces dividends and makes payments to shareholders in Pounds Sterling. The Company also offers shareholders an opportunity to receive their dividends in US Dollars at a fixed exchange rate announced together with the dividend. To receive dividends in US Dollars, shareholders should download, complete and return the Currency Election Form, in accordance with the Currency Election Terms & Conditions, by the Election Date announced together with the dividend. The documents are available via the links below.

Scrip Dividend

At the Annual General Meeting in May 2018, Highland Gold shareholders approved the Company's proposed Scrip Dividend Scheme, which is designed to additionally offer an option to receive dividends in the form of new shares. Details and instructions on exercising the scrip dividend option, when it is offered with respect to a dividend distribution, are presented in the Scrip Dividend Scheme circular, which can be downloaded from the link below.